We support your business - along the value chain -  during the entire plant lifetime.

Our philosophy is to stay with our customers during the entire life cycle of your investment. Our products come with international warranties from world class companies. Beneath that, we have defined a set of services along the value chain that gives you the best benefit of your investment. As your demand might grow, optimization and upscaling are included in our service portfolio.

Planning and Installation

Energy Assessment

This offering is essential for an accurate design of your system. We start with a 2 to 4 weeks measurement period, and gather data from your electrical consumers. Or experts analyze these data and create a report that demonstrates the demand for Solar PV.

Energy Efficiency Audit

An energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows, for energy conservation in a building, process or plant to reduce the amount of energy input. In commercial and industrial companies, an energy audit is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense and carbon footprints. The result is a report and workshop with concrete measures and recommendations.

System Design

Based on the insights of assessment or audit, we create an individual technical system design dedicated to your demand. This includes a complete bill of material and all labor works and a logistics concept.

Installation and commissioning

Installation works include delivery at site of all materials. We install the mounting structures and panels and do all cabling works. Inverters, batteries and other necessary system technology will be connected. After finalizing all works the system will be connected to the grid and other devices like Gensets, tested and commissioned.

Operations and Maintenance


Our systems come with a remote monitoring device. The monitoring service helps to detect any faults and irregularities of the system immediately. We gather all data of your operations and can extract data and compile reports of the system performance. This helps to understand and improve your system, and to protect your investment.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Our Solar PV systems do not need much maintenance works. However, a regular inspection is useful. As some areas of Uganda are dusty areas, regular cleaning services are mandatory for full performance.

Repair Services

In case of any broken cable of defect at a part of the system we are at your disposal for any repair works. This includes necessary spare parts.

Spare parts and logistics

Any spare parts that we do not have on stock can be ordered at our suppliers. We organize the import and logistics including customs. In case of any inverter exchange we can organize the manufacturers exchange process for you.

Data Analytics and Optimization

Annual performance reports

Depending of our service contract type we will analyze the monitoring data and compile an annual report, which we will explain to you on site.

Data analytics for plant optimization needs

Our data analytics expertise give you the chance to get insights of the system behavior and your changing energy demand. Based on these insights we get conclusions of necessary optimizations of your system.

Remote access and system re-programming

Our conclusions of the data analytics might induce changes in system configuration. We are able to access your system from remote and do necessary re-programming of inverters or battery management systems. Requirement is an experienced computer user to connect a internet connected computer to our system. Once connected, we can do our job from remote. No driving and extensive labor costs.

Upscaling your System

Upscale solution design

Your energy demand changes over time. And normally it increases. Our systems can grow with your energy demand, as we have given them a scalable design.